Friday, September 21, 2012

Laura Peterson's Voice

Dear Mitt,

I was born with my legs hanging out of the sockets, with the doctors telling my parents, if I did survive that I would be a vegetable and I should be institutionalized. 1969.  My parents spent the next 21 years making sure the baby of six children had health insurance. Many opportunities arose to better themselves. My mother, who worked a back-breaking job in a grocery store went back to school to get her realtor's license. She NEVER pursued her dream further for one reason. Me. Pre-existing condition.

You had your chance to get me, Mitt. If you had proudly owned your healthcare progress in Massachusetts, I would've been impressed. Instead, you slammed "Obamacare" as evil incarnate. Mitt, your healthcare platform and Obamacare, would've saved my mother from daily anguish. But you hide from it. You choose bigotry and vitriole. You choose the wrong path.

Mitt, because you choose to abandon basic human principles in the name of being elected, I choose Barack Obama. Every day. All day.

I am the 47%. I have a disability. I am educated. I reject inhumanity. I extend my hand behind me, to lift the next person who needs the hand my parents extended to me.

Laura Peterson

Laura Peterson grew up in Wisconsin, but migrated to Tallahassee almost 20 years ago and never plans to shovel snow again. She is a single mother to a teenage son and is currently working in her dream job as a pediatric nurse.