Sunday, September 23, 2012

Danielle Hamill's Voice

Mr. Romney,

What’s wrong with America today isn’t the “entitlements” or lack of personal responsibility, but the “us and them” mentality that seems to stop us at every turn.  Whether because of race, gender, religion, or sexual identity, the battle for equality never seems to end.  And here, now, 47 percent of America must fight for equality in your eyes, too.  To earn the right for you to even so much as consider their importance, their worth, their value as a voter.  It’s too much. 
My story is not one of privilege or of poverty.  In fact, growing up I considered my family to be middle class, though I now know (based upon your definition of the middle class) that we were not.  I’m decidedly average.   I have never expected the government to provide for me, though I was certainly glad such programs as WIC existed when my first daughter was born and two months lapsed between the times I graduated college and found a job.  Or that Medicaid was available when I couldn’t privately insure her due to a “pre-existing” condition she was born with that would have cost her an eye.   

It is because of this daughter and my two other children that I am currently a part of the 47 percent you speak of -- those who don't make quite enough money to trigger federal tax payments, though they are employed and work hard.  

You see, I took a lower paying job because I was afforded the opportunity to telecommute and thus be here to raise them.  My husband, meanwhile, works two jobs so that we do not need government assistance, and have a little cushion should hard times strike.  I guess our payroll taxes aren’t quite enough to make us matter in your eyes, yet we are exactly the type of nuclear family you want on your side. 

What’s right with America is our ability to come together in times of need, despite our differences.   I can only hope that this November Americans come together once again to “Believe in America” enough to elect a president who considers all of us worthy of his time.  You have proven time and again, sir, that that man simply is not you.

Danielle Hamill

Danielle Hamill grew up in a military family, traveling the country until she settled in Tallahassee, FL to attend Florida State University.  These days, she works as the head writer for one of the leading sources of Caribbean travel information on the web.